How to avoid the AirBnB booking fee & 2 other digital nomad travel hacks

Are you looking for some digital nomad travel hacks? Find out how to avoid the AirBnB booking fee, how to get crazy accommodation deals and much more using these digital nomad travel hacks

Digital Nomad Travel Hacks: I am currently planning for the next few months of travel. Which, to be honest, is a real challenge due to Covid-19: Trying to juggle ever-changing entry requirements, pricing that goes up and down and just the overall unknown of: Should I go there? Is it safe?

It all makes me very confused. (Even for a self-proclaimed travel-pro like myself this is a challenge)

Whilst I won’t reveal yet where I am going and what I am going to do (follow me on Instagram for live updates) I would like to share a few of the travel hacks that I am using to make sure I ALWAYS get the best deal!

That’s why I am sharing 3 digital nomad travel hacks with you:

digital nomad travel hacks

Digital Nomad Travel Hacks: Avoid the Airbnb booking fee

To get straight to the point: This is a bit grey area as I am 99,99% sure this goes again the T&C’s air AirBnB but its called travel hacking for a reason. (And nobody is talking about ethical hacking)

There are a few ways you can try and get that annoying ”service” fee reduced or eliminated:

After you go on the platform and find a few options. Instead of putting in a booking request just go ahead and message the host. Here you can ask 1 of 2 things:

  1. Ask for a discount – I have seen this being done a million times! Especially if you are coming to stay longer: Be nice, be friendly but simply ask if the price could be reduced. The reduction in price would essentially mean you save on the service fee as your total would be less than what you would pay before
  2. Ask to book direct – This is what I have done for my latest AirBnB. As I read through the description I noticed that the apartment was part of a larger complex. Hence with the help of Google, I managed to contact the building directly and was able to get the same price MINUS the service fee
  3. Find an alternative website – There is more to life than just Airbnb. One platform I have been using recently is a Czech based (?) company called: Flatio. It’s a similar setup to AirBnB however it is simply a whole lot cheaper: Including a cheaper service fee that at the time of writing is completely waived. (Due to COVID, whilst Airbnb is charging full fare!)
digital nomad travel hacks

Digital Nomad Travel Hack: Leverage the hotel part of standard package deals!

A standard package vacation deal consists of Flights, Hotel, Transfers and perhaps some excursions to pretty much any destination around the world. Did you know that you can simply book the hotel/accommodation portion of that trip? (And leverage the bulk discount the tour-operator is getting due to them buying 1000+ rooms)

I think that most tour-operators will offer that option, as they need to sell as much as possible but I find that the German travel operators are most ”in your face” with this option!

On the websites, it is often mentioned as Hotel-only, Hotel in tourism areas, Traveling by car, using own transport –> Look for this kind of option on platforms such as:, and of course:

Why is this so great? It allows you to get K I L L E R and I mean K I L L E R deals in the off-season!

21 Days, 5 stars, All-inclusive in Egypt, Turkye, Tunesia, Spain, Portugal, Morocco for $350, etc!

It is truly a sensational way to get a lot of value for money and really is a very underused digital nomad travel hack!


Digital Nomad Travel Hack: Diversify, Keep on Looking, Compare, and find more websites!

What I mean by this is that I consistently find that even if what is on offer is almost the same everywhere the pricing, conditions, and timings can differ per booking website.

What I like to do is find the accommodation that I would like to book and then simply hunt for that accommodation and compare them. (This is also a great time to check for any discount codes etc!)

Never just book at random, never just book on the very first website you find a good deal!

Chances are there is a better deal that awaits!

I hope you find these quick tips helpful!

I am so excited to be slow traveling again & even more excited to share these experiences with you!






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