My thoughts on Too Good To Go (#1 Food Waste app): A review!

Buying ”food left-over” mystery boxes for $3,4,5 – is it really a good deal or is it a waste of food and money?

Due to Corona/Covid-19, I am currently ‘’stuck’’ at my parent’s house and I am going to make that the reason why I am out of touch with hipster concepts such as Too Good To Go!

For those unaware: Too Good To Go is a concept that partners with all sorts of food-based businesses: Cafe’s, restaurants, supermarkets, etc and it allows them to sell mystery boxes for super low prices and sell the food that remained unsold and is ‘’too good to go’’.

Being located in the countryside, the middle of nowhere, far away from civilization (please note this is only temporarily) the app has slowly made its way from the big cities to the countryside hence why I recently discovered it and decided to try it out!

How does Too Good To Go work?

It’s actually super easy:

1 Download the app and register
2 The app will show what’s available around you
3 Keep on checking, keep on refreshing as mystery boxes will become available at random times 
4 Purchase your box immediately in the app 
5 At the designated pick up time, you make your way to the store and they hand you the products you have purchased.

Too Good To Go Mystery Box bakery

I recently managed to buy 2 mystery boxes:

A Too Good To Go mystery box from the local bakery:

This bakery specifically only has 3 boxes available with a pick-up time
between 12.30/1300 PM each day.

I made my way to the store and brought my own bag. (Kindly note that even though it’s called a mystery box it isn’t (always) an actual box). When it was my turn I simply stated I was here to pick up the TGTG Box and the lady behind the counter came back with some select items consisting of: Loaves of bread, baguette, a breakfast cake (thingy – not sure what this is called) and some buns.

Retail value: EUR 10/12 euro

First impression: That’s a lot of bread, I was secretly hoping for some pastry.

Verdict: I would only rebuy if I needed lots of bread!

The second box however way a lot more impressive:

Too Good To Go Mystery box Albert Heijn

The Albert Heijn Supermarket Too Good To Go Mystery Box

The same pick-up principle applied where I was directed to go to the service counter to collect my items. Once there I was given a literal box that was packed with lots of groceries with an expiry date on that day or the following day.

I was truly impressed with the quantity of the food as the total retail value of the entire box was between EUR25/30 and I had only paid EUR4,99 for all of it!

The box was also very usable and consumable with products being a balanced mixture between Dairy, Vegetables, Bread, Meat, Soup, Salad, and bakery products!

Verdict: I would 100% buy this box again. It’s a fantastic way to get a great mix of groceries for a super low price.


Concluding: What do I think about Too Good To Go

In short: it’s a hit or miss, as you never know what you are going to get! However, I do believe you get great value for money and if you are a creative person you should be able to make great use of whatever products you get!

Also, if you are living in a larger city the supply of boxes and selection of stores/cafes and restaurants is much larger hence you can really develop a too goo to go mystery box strategy: Making sure you always get the type of food you are looking for.

Personally, I will keep an eye on this and if the restaurant/supermarket is right and if the offer is great: I will make sure to snag box after box!

Too Good To Go: I am a big fan!





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