Why I love working from trains, planes, and hotels!

There is nothing wrong with being in an office but why would you?

So here are a few random thoughts: There are 2 types of people in this world:

Firstly the type that needs to be in an office in order to be productive. They need the boundaries, rules, and regulations from the corporate world to keep them in place as else they would never be able to get any work done.

The other type is the anti office person. He/She can be productive anywhere as long as the tools to work are present!.

I am that type of person!

Now, I don’t have anything against working in an office! I have done it for many years and at times still do but to me, there is something so incredibly liberating and productive when I work from places that I would describe as moving, on the go, international, energetic, and under pressure!

In short: Let me explain why I am most productive working from trains, airplanes, airports, and hotel lobbies!

1 The coming and going of people inspires me

I don’t really know why but I love being in an environment where people are coming and going. There is nobody to really ‘’hang on’’ too or start a long conversation with. In a way, we are all just strangers en route to whatever our next destination may be.

I’m struggling a bit to explain but what I am trying to say is that I love the consistent coming and going of people whilst I am the consistent factor. (I am just staying in my seat, focusing on getting my work done!) I feel that I work at a higher pace if the energy around me is one of coming and going!


2 The international environment motivates me

Yes, office are international too, I get that. But imagine yourself sitting in the lobby of a large international hotel. You ordered a cappuccino, open up your laptop, and get ready for work! Check-ins and check-outs are happening all around you! Same goes for business meetings

To your left, the guys are speaking English whilst to your right, there is a meeting happening in German. (And you secretly understand German so you can’t help but listen into the conversation and you are shocked to hear what they are talking about – but I digress)

work on train

3 Noise helps me to focus

The one thing I cannot stand from offices (and that includes 90% of co-work spaces) is the need for it to be dead silent. The idea that people cannot work if its not completely silent is just bizarre to me, yet so many people seem to suffer from it! It seems that most people don’t have the ability to focus and are distracted by the smallest of sound!

I, on the other hand, am again the complete opposite: The more noise the better! It helps me to focus, block out everything around me, and ultimately motivates me to get the job done quicker. I know for a fact that having people around me that are talking, the radio playing, announcements being made (etc) make me more productive than sitting in a dead silent office.


4 The natural pressure when traveling helps me get stuff done

When I am on a train, When I am flying.. when traveling, in general, there are natural deadlines that come into play. Time to board, time to shut off electronics, time to prepare for arrival, etc… I gladly make use of all these deadlines and plan my workload around it!

I know upfront when I need to have stuff done hence it gives me a healthy dose of pressure to do so accordingly. I challenge myself to be fully ready before XY and Z.


Does the above make any sense?

Sometimes I feel I am the only person who is like this, so if you can relate: Please let me know :)






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