The Hughbert Podcast

Hughbert is anything but an ordinary podcast! It’s more like a vlog minus the video!

You see, I believe podcasting should be more than just an obsession with having the best audio quality and finding the most interesting guest for yet another hour-long interview. What if you could actually be there, in that very moment versus a recollection of happenings recorded in a silent basement told months after. Life is about living in the moment and that’s exactly what I’m sharing:

My life, as I chase after my dreams, building my business from around the world!



what does remote work mean

What does remote mean? (Literal Definition sucks, so I made my own!)

Have you ever asked yourself: what does remote mean? What is the literal meaning of remote work? What does it mean to the employer and what should remote work mean to you? There are a few sides to cover to get to (what I think) is the true meaning of remote work!

ICL Surgery Prague

I had EVO Visian ICL surgery: My implantable contact lens surgery experience

I recently traveled to Prague to undergo ICL (implantable contact lens) surgery! I decided to record every single day to give you a super transparent insight as to what ICL surgery is really like! (I got the evo visian lenses)

too good to go cake

App Review: Too Good To Go (#1 Food Waste app)

Buying ”food left-over” mystery boxes for $3,4,5 – is it really a good deal or is it a waste of food and money? We shall find out in today's episode as we buy and unbox 2 mystery boxes together! Find out who gets excited about this concept and who doesn't see value in this food waste app!